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Elk Grove Bookkeeping Ranjeeta Pal

You may assume that Accurate Accounting Services is just another accounting business. However, owner Ranjeeta D. Pal is not just another accountant and neither is her accounting firm.

Ranjeeta’s remarkable difference is her ability to help clients put their business on a strong tax and financial foundation so they can focus on increasing their sales and growing their business.

Many prospective customers know their financial “books” and tax returns are not all tidy and neat so they avoid seeking professional financial management. Ranjeeta Pal says: “We see this all the time and we never judge our clients. We’ll work with you to get everything in order so you can really know where your business is and make the right financial choices going forward.”

Ranjeeta on the biggest lessons learned in life and business…

“Nothing is easy. You have to sacrifice to achieve your goals. Determination is the key. Start with small goals and as you accomplish them, make room for bigger goals. You will have setbacks, but focus and you will find a way.” ~ Ranjeeta Pal

Fiji native, Ranjeeta Pal found a way to realize her dream to help others succeed in their business when she quit her corporate bookkeeping job and started Accurate Accounting Services. Since 2000, Ranjeeta’s company has helped clients make informed business decisions based on accurate and timely financial reports. Her combination of skill, knowledge and passion for helping small/medium businesses, independent contractors and nonprofits builds on her financially sound practical experience and hard-nosed business sense. While her clients trust their financial business in her professional hands, they also benefit from twenty plus years of bookkeeping experience, dependability, and willingness to go the extra mile.

Today, through exceptional bookkeeping and financial services, Ms. Pal continues to help her clients make room for big success. Whether you are looking to reduce year-end work and fees, increase profits, or lower your tax liability, Ranjeeta and her team can make it happen.

When Ranjeeta is not saving business owners from the stress and headache of bookkeeping, she can be found reading a book, spending time with her husband and three children. She also actively pursues her passion for philanthropy by donating time and money to causes such as the Arbor Day and Marine Life Preservation Foundations.

She is currently working on completing licensing requirements for her CPA certification and is a QuickBooks Certified Pro-Advisor.

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